Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Life Detox

So I have decided my life is too out of wack lately! So I have started talking about doing a life detox :) I'm quite excited actually. What this includes is taking whats good in my life and amplifying it...if possible. For example Yoga, healthy foods, family, friends...maybe get back to my scripture reading that I have totally fallen away from. And the rest that causes stress, broken heart (aka stupid boys), frustration, unstable, I kick out of my life!

I have been wanting to organize my room COMPLETELY. Ever since Molly moved in with me its been a bit of chaos. So that was another thing that was part of my detox, which I achieved yesterday :) Number one on my list...check!

Also, once again I have TOTALLY slacked on my blog. So coming soon will be a quick fast forward of my life these last few months....a lot has happened!!! Well, day 2 of Detox has already started out good. Lets hope I can keep this up!