Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day one in Panama

We stayed in this beautiful house in Panama City! We arrived late at night so this was the quick picture I snapped as we were leaving! Eric got some better pictures and ones inside, so I'll post more later. There is this new thing people do called Air BnB. It's where locals rent out rooms in their house! That way you can get a true local experience through this! And it costs about the exact same if you were to stay a night in a hostel :) The host/owner of this house was a very kind older lady that was a professor and doctor in Haiti and has retired here in Panama

On the bus through Panama on our way to Costa Rica! At bus stops, locals come on the bus and sell treats, water, or home made nic-nacs. We bought this local treat called pastelitos! They were delicious, just tasted like condensed tortilla bites with the tiniest little kick of spice flavor in them. Yummy!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Let the Central America journey begin!

And we're off to start the journey!! First flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta, check! Let's hope we make it on for the next flight to Panama!!!