Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dear God, please kick him in the butt. love, me

Went out with the girls tonight and had a freaking blast! We finally all 4 got to get out, let loose, and dance our little hearts out. It was Hallowfunkaween dance and so we all dressed up in our Halloween costumes. Megan was a cone head (HILARIOUS), Kimmi was a cute little car mechanic girl, Molly was an incredible Jazzersize total 80's girl, and I was Kat Von D from LA Ink! Funny story, when we got there everyone was saying that the dance was sold out and they aren't letting anybody else in. My very closest friends are the ones throwing it so I was like, "oh I got this, no big deal"....well we were stuck outside with some bouncer that was so stubborn and wouldn't let ANYONE through to even get to where I could get to my friends. So........we decide to take matters into our own hands. There was a semi truck blocking the other side of the gate, so we nonchalantly walked over to it, dropped down REAL quick and crawled under the truck which was very small actually. I would say there was only about a foot and a half of room so we were on our stomachs going as fast as we could before we got caught! Then we snuck behind the semi and through the gate crouching so no one spotted us! So first gate...Succeeded. Now for the second, we see a door open to the dance floor so we immediately try and get in. The bouncer of course is like nope, no way to get in. So I start dropping names...My best friend is Dan Gardner the guy who is throwing this party and he of course says "nope". So then I say, OK, if I can get my friend Dan Spirgen who is head of security to come over here will you let us in....and he says, ok, go on in. WE ARE IN!!! But then some guy that is higher than him gets mad at us and says, "why did you guys get in?!" And I said, Dan Gardner is one of my best friends, we handed out fliers for this party with him and we were suppose to get in here for free. So his response, "ok then lets go talk to him and see if you are telling the truth!" And I say "OK!!!!!!! I want to see him anyways!" Sum it all up, he saw that we really were best friends and we danced our little butts off all night long!

Feelings: I have found myself loving going to these things but even though I have so much fun I still go home feeling an emptiness inside me. I think I am tired of this scene and just ready for a steady someone in my life. I have so much fun but I've put my years in, and I have had my fun. I am ready for a new chapter, the chapter with a special someone in it. I just want to find someone that adores me the way I adore them....and spend my nights with him instead. well one day right? Hopefully soon. I'm so tired of these games and roller coaster up and downs. Where the freak is he?!! God needs to kick him in the butt and send him my way

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Up Close and Personal

Ok, so once again I am trying something new. In life, I just need an out sometimes. Weather its a good thing or a bad thing, I just need an out. So here's my new experiment, I'm am going to write about EVERYTHING on here! Weather its an amazing date I went on or the worst date. A blessing and miracle I experience, or a freaking crappy hard trial. haha. I'm changing my life....for the better. I am going to be the Heather I once was..... only a bit wiser :) I love my life and I love who I am.... There is just so much more potential that I know I'm holding myself back from. So here is my journey back to that, up close and person. So don't judge!