Monday, March 11, 2013

March 10th, 2013

I'm so far from my last post, I'm not even going to attempt playing catch up. I want to blog about today, and my thoughts. I flew into Valencia, CA last night to tend my nephews and nieces while my sister and brother-in-law celebrate their 10 year anniversary in Hawaii!!! I have been so excited for this week to come, and not gonna lie, also a bit scared, haha. It started off this morning waking up to some little kids giggling and snickering from around the corner. As SOON as I opened my eyes, little Sawyer comes running at me with arms wide open yelling "Good Morning Heather!" and wrapping them around my neck. Best way to start this day. I go into the kitchen to get them breakfast and watched the cutest thing happen. I honestly didn't really know how to do everything thing right off the bat. I don't know if Soleil eats all adult food now, if she still sits in a high chair....she's 1, So I don't know yet! Its the first day, give me a break. So I go into the kitchen to get breakfast and Chase helps Soleil up on her chair, puts her bib on her, gets her little bowl and spoon, and tells me what cereal she likes. I go to pour milk in his cereal and mine, and he says, don't put milk in Soleil's, she'll just spill it. "ok". So I start eating my cereal and Chase is still right next to Soleil, cause he realizes she's struggling with the spoon. So he gets rid of the spoon, and tells her just to eat it with her hands. He then starts demonstrating for her and teaching her what he is saying by his actions, realizing Soleil can't fully understand him yet. He does it until she gets it, then goes and sits in front of his bowl of cereal. At this time I'm about half way done with my cereal, ( FYI, I wasn't being neglect-ant,  I was watching this adorable brother sister thing happen and in awe at how grown up, sweet, and loving this little 7 year old Chase has become) anyways, half way done with my breakfast, and in the corner of my eye, I see Chase has his head bowed, arms folded, saying his sweet morning breakfast prayer. WHAT AN EXAMPLE! Here I am, shoveling down my breakfast, and my little 7 year old nephew is helping his little sister eat before he does, AND also remembers to bless his food before he even touches it! The kids a stud, I literally sat there in awe (mouth open) and then felt like I just got owned by this little kid. Proud to preach it though, it was an awesome moment. I sat there just staring at the picture in front of me trying to embed it forever in my brain. It taught me the simple lesson today that's frequently taught in the scriptures and by our prophet and apostles. Be like a child.
The rest of the day was so fun, the kids truly are such angels and I'm continually impressed at how well behaved they are and obedient. Even little Soleil! I love them more than words can express, they say the cutest little things and their hugs mean the WORLD to me. There truly is nothing like those tiny arms wrapped tightly around my neck and them saying "I love you so much Aunt Heather". Absolutely melts my heart. I'm so grateful for this day and the opportunity I have to come down here and watch these precious little ones for a few days.