Monday, February 8, 2010

Good Day

Today was a good day! I forgot to tell you something. Our Bishopric challenged us a few weeks ago on a few things. One of the big ones was read the whole Book of Mormon by April 11th and highlight everything that talked about Jesus Christ. I have loved it because it has made me pay attention SO much more as I read and I feel for the first time I actually am reading a book instead of just scriptures. That sounds bad but I don't mean it in a bad way. I get into the stories and genuinely don't want to stop till I get done with the whole story. Not just the chapter. Anyways, I have loved it. My days are better too. Today was a good start for the week. Worked out again this morning. Day 1 for this week. I'm really starting to enjoy it now instead of just a dread but making myself do it. Well those are just a few thoughts for me today. I've had a smile on my face most the day :) It feels good to get back there again.


Maureen said...

I love you, you sweet girl..Im so glad your getting your smile back..because you deserve to be happy..Your blog is so cute too..I stole some of your songs because we love the same kind of music..come visit us, now that would make me smile..

Steph said...

That makes me happy that you are smiling again. I love your smile! It is so contagious.

Jeff and Caroline McAllister said...

Mom loves you! And you do have a contagious smile! I am glad that you are working out and reading your scriptures with more meaning.
That will definately help bring that smile back to your cute face!

Jeff and Caroline McAllister said...

P.S. Heather, I love your playlist! I want a copy.