Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'll start back at my San Diego Trip

So My cousin Megan and I decided we needed a fun little trip for just the two of us. Get away from cold Provo and relax somewhere warm :) For some reason I have wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo! So I said, "Lets go to San Diego!" Megan has a friend that lives there and it just fell perfectly into place. Another plus is I have a very good friend that lives in Santa Barbara. Which is actually pretty far away but we made the trip anyways! Well, enough of the explaining. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking...

Story about this picture. This is the day Megan and I drove up to Santa Barbara to see my friend Joshua. He took us to one of this favorite places to watch the sunset at. It was so beautiful cause you hike through a really pretty path through some thick trees and then it opens up to a big field. Then all of a sudden you are at the cliffs! So we found a comfy little spot (as you can see in the picture) and was watching the sunset. What even made it 10x better is while we were peacefully sitting there watching the ocean we saw some dolphins!!! It was so exciting to see, then a huge surprise we actually saw a WHALE!!! Of course, knowing Megan and I we started freaking out. So it was a remarkable night. Watching the sunset over the cliffs and the ocean (which as you know me, is one of my favorite things in the world) watching dolphins play, and a whale. It was a pretty dang good day for us :)

Yes we went to the San Diego Zoo!!!

So everyone told us when we go to Encinitas we have to eat breakfast at this place called Pipes. So we went on the search for it and found it! It seriously was INCREDIBLE! Just as good as everyone said it would be. We actually ended up eating breakfast there again the next day cause we loved it so much. It's such a cool little local place too, all the surfers right before they go out to catch the waves. Its right by the ocean. So if you ever go to Encinitas... go there for breakfast!!!


So Michelle (the angel that let us stay at her place) lives 4 mins walking distance from the beach!

Last night there we took a drive all down the coast in Megan's convertible bug. Top down, watching the sun set over the ocean with the surfers in the waves. Honestly it was such a beautiful, peaceful drive. Best way to end the trip.

The End...


Maureen said...

Makes me want to be young and carefree and go to San Diego..Love how you described all the pretty as you!

Amber Swensen said...

That sounds like a blast! How come you didn't tell me all that when you came home and I asked you about it? You are so weird. I swear I have to pry everything out of you. All I get is "yeah, it was fun"

Bryce and Kelcie said...

Hey Heather! Im so happy I found your blog!:) You and megan are SO cute!! Hope you guys are both going to the family reunion!