Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kings of Leon Concert

I am so lucky to have a friend like Kit (picture to the right). He works for the radio station 99.5 and everytime there is a concert going on in Utah he always gets free tickets to them! And I'm lucky enough to get to go! So this concert was Kings of Leon! I have to admit, I really only knew their 2 most popular songs but I did like those so I figured I'd like the rest. I actually LOVED them and as soon as I had a chance downloaded a TON of Kings of Leon. Very good, look them up and give them a chance if you haven't already!These are my friends Markus and Suzanne. Kit said I could invite one other person to the concert with me. And when I was telling Suzanne earlier that I was going she expressed her excitement about it! So.... I brought her along with me!
Ok next story. My friend Dana Hill is HILARIOUS. And he looks and acts just like the guy from the movie 'The Hangover', Zach Galifianakis. And everytime without fail when we all go out, some randoms come up and ask if they can have a picture with him. LOL. So we decided to make that happen. All of us started just taking pictures with Dana and sure enough! Some random dudes came over all excited and asked him if they could get a picture with him. hahahaha It was hilarious.


Kindra said...

This looks like tons of fun!! I love concerts!