Saturday, January 23, 2010

Car Crash

So sad little story, my good little friend Kimmi, and her friend John, and I were heading up to the Canyons to go snowboarding! We were all pretty excited for it all week and on our way we went! The next thing ya know we are going about 50 mph and start hydroplaning and lose control of the car. We go completely sideways and head straight for a tractor lot. It was kinda slow motion for all of us which gave us time to brace ourselves for the hit. We were going about 35-40 mph and hit right into a tractor and telephone pole. The police officer said thank goodness we hit the telephone pole because we would have went right into the tractor and done more damage to us! All and all, after the hit we all did a quick check and no one was hurt! So sad to say but we didn't quite make it to the slopes today :( There's always Monday though! (it will be less busy anyways)
oh p.s. this isn't my car, it was Kimmi's. :(