Friday, January 22, 2010


So I am a true lover of Vampire Diaries. I'm to the point of forget Twilight! Vampire Diaries is WAY better! The cast is way hotter, and the acting is better too. Don't get me wrong, the twilight books were INCREDIBLE, I'm just talking movies/shows. If you haven't watched them, TRUST ME, its worth the watch. They finally had episode 11 tonight which I've been waiting for at least a month and a half for! Its really probably not the best thing for me to watch right now considering my situation I'm in, but I can't help it. Tonight's episode was SO GOOD, I can't believe how awful a person Damon can be though! And how gorgeously hot Stephen can be, and so sweet, and loving, and strong, and humble, I could go on for a while. Well, can't wait for next week!!!


Maureen said...

Oh Im so excited I can finally leave a comment, Ive been trying for some time but it wouldn't let me...I love your blog, so the music..I think Cassie loves the Vampire Diaries too..Your a cutie pie and you need to come see us..luv ya..

cherice said...

i want to be elena sooooooo bad in this pic!