Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Aquarium

My cousin Megan and I decided on Monday that it would be so fun to go to the Aquarium! I've actually been wanting to go for quite a while so needless to say...I was excited. The big ocean creatures were the coolest! They had all kinds that were so fun to see. They even had a huge shark tank, which was really cool to see, they swim right up to the glass. This is a huge ugly eel....gross.

Then there were really cool jellyfish! I love those things, they really do fascinate me and remind me a lot of Avatar!!! Oh and this is my adorable, fun cousin Megan!

I've never actually seen an octopus in real life before! It was really cool, look at its scary eye!

And we got to pet the stingrays! They feel so weird, fist time ever seeing one of these in real life too!


Mallorie and Aaron said...

thats cool where was this at? that you were able to touch them